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My Testimonial:

On August 2nd 2019 a senseless tragic accident occurred that has forever changed the lives of my family and our whole north coastal community of Encinitas. What was suppose to be a beautiful day at the beach with family and friends celebrating Elizabeth’s victory over breast cancer was immediately shattered by the collapse of the cliff at Grandview Beach with children and friends just feet away. Unfortunately my wife Julie, my daughter Annie Clave, and my wife’s sister Elizabeth Cox were taken from us far to soon,  and all passed away from their injuries.

California bill SB 1090 is a bill designed by those who want to eliminate tragedies like mine from ever happening again.  It will give cities, counties, and private land owners the ability to mitigate coastal erosion to prevent future fatalities on our public beaches. Unfortunately  since my tragedy there have been countless bluff collapses along our coast. The status Quo will not suffice!

SB 1090 is a huge step in securing beach safety and preventing  future senseless accidents.

                           J. Patrick Davis DDS MS                             Pediatric Dentist                             42yr resident of Encinitas.